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I acknowledge your point about cowardice. Perhaps all the ASCE members or some percentage of them believe differently but are afraid to say so. Certainly possible. We live in a society that is very hostile to divergent opinion. No doubt. This doesnt change the fact that many engineers have made reasonable arguments on the other side and it does little good to just dismiss them without looking into it.

Regarding the rotation. I think that the issue is more complicated than you suggest. I dont know the answer, but many engineers, such as Bazant et al, have performed intensive mathmatical and techinical analysis that they believe demonstrate that the behavior of the upper block is consistent with progressive collapse. Thats why I say people should have caution. There should be a new investigation and a rigorous evaluation of this analysis. People in the truth movement, physicists and mathematicians should analyze bazants findings and refute them scientifically.

To just continue this same song of saying it violates laws of physics or saying only explosives could do it, without undergoing the effort of providing a countervailing scientific analysis that shows why explosives are necessary leaves the truth movement in the realm of belief and not fact.

We could go back and forth forever on this topic. It is very difficult to convince someone of something when they firmly believe something different. Maybe you are right and explosives brought the whole things down.

I just think a little more humility on the issue would be appropriate. People present this topic like they KNOW the truth. In reality people have questions about observations that dont make sense. They are SEARCHING for truth. People who are searching for truth should be more tolerant of other likeminded searchers.