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Paper bags

RE- rp4pres
Most people who cant think their way out of a paper bag base their arguments on Ad hominen attacks like 'dumbass'. It is the signature of an intellectual lightweight.

Your argument is centered on your expensive $8000 driveway quote but fails to address what is well known in the industry as "the last mile". 90% of the costs are in the last mile.

Fiber optic networks are no different than roads. Large swaths of land need to be rented, dug up sidewalk width and expensive cable laid. Economies of scale get amortized over future users. Getting it from the interstate (or node) to your driveway will be 95% of the cost. Level3 does much of this privately and it is as pertinent to some businesses existence as roads. The cost to build and use Level3 is known and billed directly to you based on the length of your last mile and your use rate. The build and use cost of the roads from the government is a complete unknown. At times buried in various taxes and when that ponzi scheme fails they erect a few tolls to further cook the books.

Yet you still claim its impossible for roads to be done this way despite the fact that most roads are made by private companies commissioned by the government. The only thing the government brings to the table is eminent domain (monopoly of force to violently force the sale of property to the government at market discounted rates) which by definition puts the roads in the places the market least cares for them. Private companies have been known to purchase large tracks of land to build railroads and they managed this far more effectively than the government. Yet a road is something blessed and special. So unique it cant be compared to a railroad (Vanderbilt) or an information highway.

Monopolies on violence will never give you discounted rates for services next to competitive voluntary markets but if you keep calling people 'dumbass' enough you might earn yourself a "roads scholarship' for such brilliant logic.

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