Comment: You idiots deserve to be scammed!

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You idiots deserve to be scammed!

Neil Cavuto was one of the many propagandists blacking out RP during the 2008 and 2012 elections, smearing Ron Paul with the "racist" attacks, distorting RP's positions whilst promoting criminal voMitt, and worst of all, complicit in the criminal cover-up of the massive election fraud which stole RP's victory.

Now that RP has been defeated and rendered an impotent muppet, Cavuto jumps on board to increase his ratings and make more money (further exploting you all) and like a marauding mass of pacified idiots you gullible little morons 'forgive' and support him (just like Obama supporters would).

Idiots like you deserve to be scammed over and over (and you will be). Just like a cow "created to nourish you", you're just a dumb political farm animal to be herded, branded, exploited, scammed, raped, traded and marched off to the slaughter.

There's no hope, you're all too incredibly naive, weak and gullible to out-think your retarded predators and wilfully permit yourselves to be politically raped over and over.

Good riddance!