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That must have been a painful.

Was that a bitch slap from Ron Paul straight to your Anarchist face? You're a nihilist and a destroyer hiding in the liberty movement.

"I would still argue my previous point that all desire is rooted in envy."

You don't know the difference between desire and envy so it doesn't really matter what you think or say, and as a nihilist, nobody knows that better than yourself. You know NOTHING of justice or injustice and you're WORTHLESS to liberty because you don't know the difference between envy and desire.

If you were the last man on earth, you would still desire, but there would be nobody left to envy.

Here, I'll even try to help you, and make the point you were working towards: "Can we make people envious of liberty and get them to want it for themselves?"

There's a problem with that I can't look past. Envy is a deadly sin that only serves destruction, and it's not envious to want your liberty. You have a right to want your liberty. It's not unjust or covetous to want your liberty and to defend peoples liberty is to serve justice. You can call it semantics and pretend there isn't a difference between desire and envy, but there is.