Comment: The elites break the law

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The elites break the law

all the time. They own governments and their armies, legal systems, and law enforcement entities. They own the mechanized means to dispose of much of humanity. It's sad, but true. We've all slept too long and through too much to be able to reverse the course in any peaceful, epiphanic manner.

Sorry to be negative. I hate being negative.

This is nice and all, but the fraudsters won't "go peacefully"; they know that their own persecution--never mind prosecution--will result. They will not humbly shrug their shoulders and say "Sorry, you can have it all back....". Twisted minds do not transcend.

I can't see anything close to a peaceful transfer of "power" happening, no matter how lawful it may be on paper. Our federal government, alone, would have to reconstitute itself--never mind all MS media, etc.--and purge its own overwhelming criminal element and mode of operations, etc.

Their end game is our destruction, and no amount of last minute "shining the light" on anything will avert disaster.

What army (literally ARMY(IES) of thousands plus) of "good guys" is going to back this "law"? Because that is what it will take.

There was some talk a couple of years back about something similar... accompanied by the revelation of free energy for all, etc. etc. etc. ... ? Seems like somebody was effing with us.

I do love to be proven wrong, however....

What would the Founders do?