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Comment: You made a grave error phxarcher87

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You made a grave error phxarcher87

And don't think I didn't notice you like to shoot arrows. It is in your name, after all.

I always find it fascinating that challenging christianity means you don't believe in God. You assumed I was an atheist. Did you ever stop and think that our founders argued over christianity the same way they argued over CENTRAL BANKS??

Did you read every word of everything you posted? There is conflict. There is diplomatic language being used by those that know your god is a fairytale based on the Sun. Just like every other hero in the bible and history.

No matter what denomination of christianity you are, you are a slave to rome. Nothing you have posted refutes my OP. Central banks, christianity, central banks, christianity.

Don't think I didn't notice you posted quotes from Ben Franklin from a site made by someone who says they are an EXchristian.

Try again, spammer.


Edit: Down votes are because I got ya. You slaves thought I was atheist. Wake up. Rome rules you.