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Thanks J.D.

I am PRAYING that this is the catalyst to create the "100th monkey effect" - not that I think anyone here is a chimp ;-) The only reason folks cannot achieve justice in the courts is because the PTB have succeeded in making the process APPEAR DAUNTING... but it's all just an illusion to distract you from seeing that this is exactly what is going on.

HERE... look at ME in my BLACK ROBE... I'm the BOSS! When in fact the robe should have some white stripes so the sports fans will recognize the judge for what he is.

To accept that the judge is running things would be the same as watching a football game where there is one coach and two teams - instead of two coaches, one ref and a bunch of fans in the stands.

Consider if there are no fans in the stands... isn't that basically a "scrimmage?" It's practice. So when these attorneys are doing all this stuff in hearings as well as pre-trial they are just PRACTICING.

We do not want to practice law when our rights are concerned. We do our practicing at home and show up for game day prepared.