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Well, if death is the end-all, then that seems much more peaceful than torture. I'd just hate for you to avoid earthly temporary torture only to go into eternal torture!! And since the Word of God speaks more about Hell than Heaven, from His warnings, I'd say the Lake of Fire is far worse than any torture. Not to mention it never ends. Please be prepared in this life for the next by trusting in Christ alone. Granting that you are still alive for this freedom battle, you obviously have your strategy, including your weapon defense, all planned out, (which is light years ahead of most Americans)....but please don't forget to also be ready for the most important part of all (if you're not already), since none of us know WHEN we will enter eternity (like you said, thousands of people die every day), but once we do, it is too late to change locations from hell to heaven, if on this earth we rejected, ignored or procrastinated about Salvation.

"Behold now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation." 2 Corinthians 6:2b

This whole life will only seem a fraction of a second compared to eternity that never ends.

I apologize if this comes across too intense; its just a deep subject, and I really care about my fellow patriots. Anyway, a lot of us can be intense :-)

By the way, CONGRATS on your 5 yr DP Anniversary - wish I'd known about this website 5 yrs. ago!