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Comment: Staged, planned, well timed shootings, assassinations, bombings.

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Staged, planned, well timed shootings, assassinations, bombings.

Our rights protected by Bill of rights as Americans and a free people are not irrelevant just because of these staged shootings. We have the right to keep and bear arms in America because our Union Of States was founded by a revolution (a War of Independence) caused when the government came to take away our weapons which were and still are our ability to defend ourselves from tyrannical government. In Russia mass shootings and assassinations and murders were staged by the communists for over 40 years. They used this type of terror and the mass media propaganda and lies about it to terrorized and manipulate and intimidate the Russian people, the Czar and the Russian government into taking the people's weapons. Once the good people gave up their guns they lost all their rights. Millions were machine gunned, ritually murdered with fire, guilotined, burned alive, buried alived, starved to death, frozen to death in Siberia, or worked to death in Gulag slave labor camps, and an all out diabolical assortment of violent murder. Over 66,000,000 mostly farmers, peasants, Christians and intellectuals were murdered for over 70 years of barbaric communist rule. Thousands of churches were destroyed--usually blown up, burned down or bulldozed. We don't want that to happen here at the hands of the same type of monsters. So we don't care how many shootings are staged with FEMA and Crisis Actors and military PsyOps, and CIA and/or Mossad snipers with fake or real murders of innocent children, we we never give up our guns! Never! Sadly the US federal government has recently purchased billions of rounds of hollow point Ammunition (which is outlawed for warfare even) and 30,000 new armed drones for state and local police, homeland Security, and TSA and BATF and other agencies to be used against US citizens who resist their planned coming gun under Feinstein's new NAZI/KGB --like bill)and land confiscation (under agenda 21). This will cause a bloodbath if these tyrants proceed with it. We want peace and an end to this endless unConstitutional wars which murder Christians and Muslims and others in the middle east and elsewhere to please these neoCons, and zionist psychopaths, and the banksters and their bloodlust for neverending wars. And we don't want a horrific war here waged against the citizens to disarm US. We went through that in 1776 for several years. But we will not give up our best self defense that we have (our guns) to keep US free. Remember the mass shootings, assassinations and bombings in Russia were accidental, or unplanned and well timed and were not random gunman or lone gunman as the controlled media in Russia often portrayed them. They were well planned and timed and orchestrated for the same evil purposes as the ones here in America are. And they will lead to the same thing if not exposed and stopped. Seek the truth, research it, expose it. Visit And when a shooting happens start recording the reporting immediately.