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Also, Rand doesn't have 30

Also, Rand doesn't have 30 years to amass a pristine record to convince our people. He needs to gain support now and if it means a bit of PR around the edges I can deal with it. I don't like it so much or the guantanomo thing, or the Mitt Romney endorsement. Rand is pretty clever and knows some key plays to the end game. He isn't faultless and does make some blunders, but he isn't a Jesse Benton. Bottom line is that he is RP's son so he is accountable and we have him in the Senate...its not like some wishful thinking...we got someone with a realistic shot. He has to go for those misguided T-party neocon warmongers to have any chance. And I say if he can win them over, he can actually chip away at their thought process slowly but surely which is an added bonus. We have a lot to gain here.

You know I wish Peter Schiff had won his seat and at the time I actually thought he would have been more likely to win it. I was never under the delusion that he would be 100% RP like but I knew that Schiff would be an amazing Senator and person to have on the inside. I hope he runs again.