Comment: Chuck Hagel is NOT the man we want, trust me

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Chuck Hagel is NOT the man we want, trust me

Warning!! As a Nebraska resident, I have watched Republican Chuck Hagel's politics for decades, now. In this last year, he endorsed Democrat Bob Kerry (who resides in New York, by the way) over Nebraska resident and Republican Deb Fisher for the US Senate. Democrat Ben Nelson was going to be defeated because his was the deciding vote to pass Obamacare. So, he decided not to run when his upcoming loss was very apparent. The Democrats needed somebody to run, and the only person they could come up with was ex Gov Bob Kerry, who hasn't lived in Nebraska for years, and was the president of a New York University! They finagled the rules so Kerry could run even without living in Nebraska. He was behind in the polls, so pretty shortly before the election, Republican Hagel endorsed Democrat Bob Kerry to try to defeat newcomer Republican Deb Fisher for the Senate seat, and preserve a Democrat majority in the Senate. We all knew (us Nebraskans) that most likely Hagel was offered some plum job to do this. Well, guess what ... it has come to pass. So please don't go spewing platitudes about Chuck Hagel ... he is a snake. He didn't have a good enough reputation in Nebraska to help seasoned politician Bob Kerry defeat a first time candidate Deb Fisher ... so take our word for it!