Comment: Forget about the gun issue

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Forget about the gun issue

Forget about the gun issue people are missing the bigger picture. Who gave this gentlemen the right to appropriate funds in this manner. Newark like many cash strapped municipalities are broke. What are you going to tell the public next year when you have to start cutting education funding or when street repair has to be put on hold oh well I had to get guns off the streets how about remove fiscal and bureaucratic barriers to entry for businesses and give parents an option for their child to pick a trade with their tax dollars instead of it going to your trash of a politicized education system in Newark. Don’t cry and whine when Newark end up like Camden, NJ under your watch with no police force. Learn how to appropriate scare funds properly and stop with the Booker for Senate propaganda.

Your a very smart man I commend you for that but like many current mayors in America especially in NJ with their fiscal problems your trying to get out before the budget blows up in your face and your forced to clean up after yourself.