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Still no explanation of the math formula

used to determine each viewer's "recent reception"...

Is this an average of all comments made (with 0's averaged in if a comment has neither - or +)?
Time element is also included? - So if I am absent for a week - or make no comments - then my "reception" is lowered?
How far into the past are scores considered? Do recent posts carry heavier weight that past ones?
Are Post votes factored in the formula as well?
Does financial contribution to the site add points?
I do not mind if people give a particular comment a - or a + ,
however I do have a concern with those scores being maintained - constantly averaged by some unknown formula and used to "identify" everyone as a negative or positive member.
I have been a member of the DP for over 5 years. I realize that I am basically a "quiet" member as far as posting - however, I visit daily and I would hope my "positive value" is greater than 1.3.
Unless of course, "active participation" is the basic key desire for your viewers? In which case, I'm probably not a very valuable member.

It would be most helpful to understand "how" the points are determined - was this explained when the new feature was added and I missed the memo? If so, please direct me to the info.
Sorry to the mod who has to take time to respond to this - you do a great job with the site. But it's been one of my personal irritations and I finally decided to respond with my questions.