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Always find it odd that....

I always find it odd that most people when talking about situations like this refer to this as "we are doing", "we are at war", "we are over there" etc...

Reality is, "WE" are not doing anything and "I" am right here.

For instance, I am not at war. I am not involved in this crap fraud called the "war on terror" which is nothing more than a stupid childish label put on this "conquer the world escapade" by the US government for purposes to convince the general population that this "War" has some legitimacy.

I am not part of the "We". The "We" is technically not "Us". So when people refer to say WW2 in terms when someone today talks about it and says "we fought germany in ww2". We didn't do s-h-i-t. Reality is, most of us were NOT EVEN alive so how could "we" have done anything????? Riddle me that 1!

Don't connect me with the we because that is EXACTLY how this government wants me to relate to this obsurd stupid a's's conflict called a "war on terror".

So, I am NOT at war with Iraq, Afghanastan, Pakistan, Libya, Africa or the rest of the world for that matter. In fact, I probably have MORE in common with the average people of those countries than I do with the pieces of crap "politicians" who "authorize" a military dictatorship to send troops wherever this "war on terror" may lead. I mean today's politicians believe that they own "Us" by their actions. Their actions speak VOLUMES as to what they actually think about us. And the reality is they don't think too highly of us.

To me it's simple. There is a military dictatorship practically running this country and they have the military service men and women hostage to have it do what they want it to do for purposes of "Control" and "Resource management" around the globe. A stupid geo politically motivated chess game is being played and WE ARE THE PAWNS!!!

This Government, which is not my government, because it is definitely not a constitutional government, has decided to take over parts of the world by using force for the purpose of God knows what (here's a hint, it's NOT for "we's" benefit)using the moniker of the "War on terror"

How in the F'in world do you declare war on a tactic?????!!!!!! That is SOME Ultra odd s;h'i't!!!!!!

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