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Comment: Get yourself a black's law dictionary... I prefer 5th edition.

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Get yourself a black's law dictionary... I prefer 5th edition.

Look up every word you THINK you know the definition of. "Legalease" is a different language than you and I would speak on the street. The reason Ron Paul wanted to dismantle the Federal Department of Education is because it is a tool of the National Lawyer's Guild A.K.A BAR association. The NLG was declared a communist party by congress in 1953.

Before the civil war they taught "civics" in school which was the study of Law. Later on... primarily after 1933 thanks to FDR they removed civics from public schools and replaced it with "American History." You have memorized your lines and now you act as a "US citizen" as mentioned in the 14th amendment - which is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States (a dummy corporation).

In 1933 FDR was once quoted as saying "We must be VERY careful about how we do this or we could be charged with treason."

They simply found a way around the constitution by getting people into private contracts with "government" bodies to operate as corporate citizens (a capacity - not a living being).

Case in point:

“all corporations shall be deemed citizens of the States by which they have been incorporated and of the States where they have their principle place of business.” – Eisenberg v. Commercial Union Assurance Company, 189 F.Supp. 500 (1960)

To simplify what goes on in a court click below: