Comment: You are both right but you are a little wrong.

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You are both right but you are a little wrong.

US Citizens are tax chattel with no rights at all. This is a very deep bunny hole, you might want a snorkel.
There is a common misconception that the Constitution gives us our rights. If you follow that line of thinking, then you did indeed surrender your claims to Constitutional rights when you signed for a driver's license, at least in my state.
However, if one is a Sovereign, one understands the Constitution does not give anything to anyone, and that it is something of a ruse to make "citizens" of us all.
I signed for my license without full disclosure, making the contract invalid. When it expires, I don't know what I will do yet - have a few years to consider my options.
What the other post is trying to do is make people look at the contracts we "signed" without one clue that we were "contracting" with the State. And if I may say so on his behalf.... Haha! Made you look! ;)

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