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downvote for truth!

vince, I could upvote it away, but I have come to take the uncommented upon downvote as a sign I hit a target. I shall leave your trophy for you... lol!
I listened to the talkshoe. Good stuff, but I must be honest... I do not think audio will get through. I have been trying to figure out what gets people's attention, what makes them sit up and listen, and it is 10 to 15 minutes of video. Lots of graphics, lots of charts and pictures illustrating your points. I think a youtube channel would reach a LOT more people, although you have to do better than video someone giving a lecture.
I am sorry, I know it is a pain in the ass leading a reluctant horse to water, and then you have to draw it a picture of how to drink, and then convince it that it is water not poison, then reassure the horse that if he drinks, he will be able to show other horses how to drink... But if you really want to reach people, that is about what it comes down to.
I have a pretty craptastic youtube channel. My camera broke almost a year ago so I have not done anything active in a while, yet I still get comments and questions from my old ones. People are finding my info on AP and fodder feeding, and they are still catching on long after I stopped uploading videos.

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