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Stumbled Onto Paul

1-6 = F, Had never voted. Did watch the election process in '08 (and was actually hoping for the TV star Obama and his false pitch for change), but from my prime time news viewing had not even heard of Ron Paul. It was by downloading the then new "spiderman 2" movie torrent, which turned out to be the movie "loose change", that got me looking on youtube. It was on youtube that I first saw or heard of Ron Paul.

7. Age:43
8: State: WA
9. Occupation: Constuction
10. Sex: M
11. Year: 2011
12. Impression: Baffled
13. Years: 2 (1.5?)
14. Years: 2
15. Years: none/never
16. 1. Adherence to our constitution. 2. End the wars. 3. Restore Liberty. 4. Economic Policy. 5. Just about everything really.

* Had I not researched myself, then I would have never known about Ron Paul and would have never heard his message watching the mainstream news. Am glad to say that as of 6 months ago, I turned off the cable television in my home. Currently am on a one man crusade to discredit the mainstream "news" to anyone and everyone I come in contact with. The news corporations are treasonous traitors to this nation.