Comment: An interesting report. If the

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An interesting report. If the

An interesting report. If the details are accurate (no confidence in the TV news to get those straight) it seems like a cut and dry attempted burglary... all the way to the point where the man opens an attic crawl space.
He rings the bell and receives no response. No one comes to the door. Nothing happens like lights coming on (or so I can assume). So he retrieves a crowbar and breaks in, apparently confident that the house is empty. So far it makes sense. But if the guy wanted valuables, with a quick escape, why go to an attic crawl space? All kinds of answers are possible. Perhaps he had knowledge of the home, somehow. Perhaps he heard the children crying (we are not told). Perhaps he wasn't looking for something, but someone.

In the end, a great example of the reason why you are the first and ultimately only person responsible for your own defense. A great example of the benefits of having the second amendment and leaving it as it was intended.