Comment: Deism is unifying not divisive

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Deism is unifying not divisive

God but without the trappings of religion. The Founders were opposed to central planning and central control. They saw both the state and organized revealed religion (often working together)to oppress man. But most of them believed social religion was a good thing, if not a necessary thing to give men a vehicle for forging a civil society. Without belief in a higher order or higher power, men would be left to themselves to fight among resources for survival. The Founders believed virtue was supported by a belief in God, which checked man's narcissism. Washington went so far as to say that he believed it was essential for man to believe in an afterlife in order to enable a civil society.

Paine was very vocal about this in The Age of Reason. Washington, Jefferson, and Adams had similar beliefs but they cautioned Paine to be careful in how boldly he made these claims because he was challenging powerful contemporary norms. Paine pushed ahead and he paid a heavy price. Many in the contemporary Deism community are picking up Paine's legacy.