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Black's 5th:

Apply. To make a formal request or petition, usually in writing, to a court, officer, board, or company, for the granting of some favor, or of some rule or order, which is within his or their power or discretion. ~ Black's 5th

By applying for anything, or asking permission (which also means to beg) are you not PRESUMING that the entity you are applying too has the power to grant it to you?

If you are asking permission for something are you not consenting to their authority? I don't need permission to travel. I just get in my private auto (not "vehicle") and go.

If it's good enough for the Supreme Court.. it's good enough for me.

The "Department of Motor Vehicles" is NOT a government agency... it is a private corporation like a wal-mart. If you work at wal-mart are you allowed to drink beer while on the job?

This debate has already been done where deacon, clay, south, myself and others took on a nest of BARflies and mopped the floor with them... it was quite fun :)

The question is have you filled out an APPLICATION for a JOB or not?

Way too many questions in one comment... I can only show you the door... please don't presume that my unwillingness to address every single one without you going anywhere else to get your information (to save me some work) means that I'm trying to avoid them.

I do have a new audio I was considering putting up on the talkshoe call regarding presumption and presumed contracts... they are legally binding if you do not object or rebut the presumption... I'll upload it right now the particular one I'm referencing will be call number two. Gimme about 5 mins...