Comment: Try not to focus on the Motives

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Try not to focus on the Motives

but rather focus on the results/events and work towards the decision makers, root cause analysis, and those who benefit.

I care less and less about why these Central Planners are doing what they are doing and more and more about the conditions they foster that are quite negative. Both negative to Americans and to those not in favor with the USA's Central Planners.

Central Planning of far too many resources and lives is the root of almost all our ills. There will be fierce resistance from the Central Planners to change towards Liberty, however we can help break down that resistance by trying to understand the fears the Central Planners face when losing so much power and resources in a chaotic way.

If we can help devise a means for Americans to work their way into Independence again, we can change towards Liberty in a well organized manner with less and less resistance as we make progress.

I say we fight Conspiracy with Flat Out Openness. This is what we are experiencing and the cause leads back to the Central Planners' inability to plan for so many. They are not good enough to be doing what they are doing and we are being negatively affected. Etc, etc