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Never, ever, fail to defend your property at the front door.

If someone knocks, say "go away." If you don't want them to know you're a child or woman from your voice, then turn on the lights or stereo, or knock back. Bark like a dog. Call out, "Honey? Get your gun!" Do something to let them know you're home but won't open the door.

Burglars are famous "cowards" (or perhaps sensible) and don't like confrontation, like robbers are willing to use. Burglary is done when no one is can see them. If she answered the door, he'd have an excuse and gone to the next opportunity.

I like having a camera (it used to work great on shoplifters) around. Just having it in my hand caused shoplifters to high-tail-it out of there. The possibility of a photo being taken might even send a prospective burglar out of the neighborhood.

Maybe I've been watching too much Dog Whisperer, but burglars are easy to dominate with calm assertive energy!

If they start coming in, anyway (very, very rare), then you have home-invaders, addicts, SWAT at the wrong house, or robbers who are much more dangerous. That's when the gun is really needed, and you'd know that because they ignored your property rights in your prescence.

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