Comment: The medal isnt the point

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The medal isnt the point

I like the idea of all of us goving him a medal. Id gladly donate the gold myself.

But my advocacy os not so Dr. Paul can have a shiny disc of yellow metal. Its an attempt to use the system for OUR purposes: have a successful petition and the elites must respond. Have a wildly successful petition and they may even have to take notice. Have a stupendously successful petition and news articles might get written.
He might even e offered the award, which he could either accept and give a hum-dinger of a speech or refuse and give a speech.
The more people who hear of the message and realize there are tons of people out there with similar ideas, the more will wake up.

But if a petition to honor him cant gather more signatures than one about aliens or piers morgan, it would leave the choice of whether, and how, to cover the failure to the media elites.

As for people being afraid to set up an acvount at tbe WH site: do you think they dont know who you are already, particularly if you visit the daily pail?!? Of youre here, youre on their radar already so trying to hide behind a fig leaf wont help.