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Great analysis of the pejorative use of the terms conspiracy, conspiracy fact and theory, and utilizing the ultimate insider to do it; excellent Corbett Report. I can roughly remember when the meme (conspiracy theorist = lunatic) began being promoted about 10 years ago; pushed on Fox initially, if I remember correctly.

If the true definition is subverted over time, or the 'concept' is effectively eliminated from discourse, you've arrive at newspeak. Orwell's term 'newspeak' referred to the shrunken official dictionary and the effective elimination of concepts with which to think with.

Subverted definitions are insidious and corrupt the thought process. Take the term inflation, a three dimensional concept now used to describe a two dimensional affect; rising prices. If inflation means rising prices (and it does, language changes over time based on how it is used) then the concept of increased monetary supply never enters the equation. Why is gasoline going up? Must be supply and demand (flawed analysis).

Still, another way of looking at these hijacked terms is that they are used as incantations; incantations that effectively put the target into a trance. For the mind with no defense against engineered slogans and platitudes, the spell is cast – so to write. It's an interesting thought.

Reading John Michael Greer's 'Blood of the Earth' has made me to consider the term “magic” and the subversion of it's definition/concept over time. Current definition of magic is fantasy - wave wand, move mountain - something my scientific brain rejects out of hand. If I understand Greer correctly, magic (as originally practiced) can influence consciousness and consequently (indirectly) influence matter. Change someone's consciousness and potentially change the way the act. Interesting, no? This definition of magic uses logic. Couple Orwell's newspeak with modern communication technology, Pavlov, Bernays et al and look what you have.

We talk of “sleepwalking” masses, folks need to “wake up” and what do we mean? They are not literally asleep, it's figurative. Would it be more accurate to say people need to snap out of the trance? I guess it's hard to see the spot you're standing on.