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Bio of Mark Willis

Maine’s Republican National Committeeman Mark Willis is a uniquely qualified person to re-unify and lead the Republican National Committee.

He is, among other things, on the Dennysville Maine School Board and is the GOP Town Chair as well as having been a national delegate to the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa.

Mr. Willis holds a Doctor of Law degree from George Mason School of Law, a Masters Degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. He is able to converse in Spanish, French and German.

He internalized the concepts of conservatism and liberty and as well as loyalty, leadership, and duty during his years in the military, having served on active duty in the U.S. Army as a counterintelligence agent in both Haiti and Bosnia. He was a senior software engineer at the US Army Security and Intelligence Command (INSCOM), where he was an information technology liaison between INSCOM and the National Security Agency (NSA) and is currently an Applications Security Manager for a Fortune 100 Company.

Mark Willis is a strong proponent of restoring personal and economic liberty and freedom. He also advocates a limited federal government, and to that end, elimination of the TSA, the Departments of Education and Interior as well as the Environmental Protection Agency at the federal end and the Internal Revenue Service.

He believes that balancing the federal budget and then working diligently toward the goal of eliminating our 16 trillion dollar debt within ten years. He supports the work of those who wish to attain a strong defensive military, as opposed to the veritable “Department of War” we currently have.

Mr. Willis is fond of saying, “If we are truly the party of liberty, equality, and favoritism for none, then let’s start acting like it.”

Mark Willis and his wife, Violet, live with their two children on an Icelandic sheep farm in Down East Maine.