Comment: I still don't believe people have fully grasped this

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I still don't believe people have fully grasped this

whole "citizen" thing, but I will continue to put forth the effort to explain it. Just because you have a drivers license; a social security card; a bank account, etc. does not mean you have given up any of your God-Given Inherent Birth Rights of being a Citizen of the united States, if you are not getting paid for your time.

A drivers license is a foreign gov't ID driving badge, for foreign agents working for the UNITED STATES INC. to use while driving on this land mass called America. They are FOREIGNERS and MUST have a drivers license; must have a license to carry a firearm, etc.

Now, most of us here have in our possession a drivers license; have a social security number; have a bank account, just like all the foreign gov't agents working for local/state/federal gov't. The only difference between them and us, is they are getting paid for their time, and we are not.

I have a state issued drivers license, I carry it at all times, because if I don't, I risk harassment by law enforcement. That does not mean I'm on the gov't clock though. I have the license in case some day I ever decide to take a gov't job, but that doesn't mean anytime I'm driving my vehicle that I'm actually performing some function of gov't.

If they insist you are a gov't employee because you are driving a state owned vehicle (you registered the vehicle with the state), and are obligated to abide by their internal statutory rules/codes, then they MUST have some employment contract that shows valuable consideration for BOTH parties on file for you, as well as some payroll records that would indeed prove that during the time of the traffic stop, you were actually acting in the capacity of a gov't employee and getting paid to do so.

If you understand this concept, you really have their ass in a sling - coming and going. If they insist on enforcing statutory traffic, gun, taxing codes, etc. upon you, then they must be under the impression that you are a gov't employee.

If that is the case; if that is the position they demand to hold, then fine. Since I'm a gov't employee who's driving a state owned vehicle and using a gov't ID badge (drivers license), then I have a question for you:

Where is my paycheck? This is a gov't owned vehicle? Okay, here's my receipts for fuel, oil, tires, wipers, engine replacement, the cost of the vehicle, insurance, etc. As well as my fee schedule of $65,000.00/year for driving the vehicle that I have yet been paid for. I need to be reimbursed for all these costs since this is a gov't owned vehicle, including my back pay.

You have ONE name and it is being used in TWO different jurisdictions.

The living you ................. John P. Doe

The corporate you ......... JOHN P. DOE

You are the equitable title holder and beneficiary of the gov't created corporate YOU, and equity is King.

Just as Wal-Mart employees have to follow and abide by Wal-Mart own internal statutory rules, so do employees of the foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES who'd doing business on American soil.

All these jack-offs have done is "presumed" you into an employment situation with their foreign corporation, and that's fine. The only thing they forgot to tell you is:

If you are not receiving a paycheck from local/state/federal gov't on the 1st and 15th then their internal - statutory rules/codes/regulations (ie: Title 1 through Title 50 of US Code) do not apply to you. This includes their so called "gun laws", which are NOT laws, but merely statutes that only apply to government employees who are getting paid to follow those statutory guidelines.

Dean Clifford has laid this out for the dumbest of the dumb to understand in his video seminar "Both Sides of the Story". Watch it, you'll be glad you did: Watch this one first, then watch his Trust Law seminars so you can understand what they are doing to you in the courtroom.

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Then to help you understand what I explained above concerning the Trust/Estate/Corporate Law issue and how to enforce your rights against the criminals, watch his other seminars:

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Remember: You're just carrying that drivers license or firearms license around in your wallet, in case someday you decide to take a gov't job with the UNITED STATES. But until you sit down with someone from local/state/federal gov't and actually fill out an employment contract and are receiving pay for you time of performing gov't duties on the clock, their statutes do NOT apply to you.