Comment: I was arrested in Charlotte

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I was arrested in Charlotte

last Christmas Eve (2011) at the airport. I was charged with Disorderly Conduct after demanding the local airport police arrest the men and and women claiming to be TSA agents for Common Law Breach of Duty to their oath to the US Constittution specifically Breach of Duty and violation of equal protection (My wife was traveling with me and they did not request that she go through a pat down or body scanner but they did request me to give up forth amendment protections). DHS manager Michael Clayton in particular for his interference in my Travel and violating his 4th amendment prohibitions. Instead of performing the arrest and bringing the Michael Clayton before a magistrate and scheduling a jury trial to here the facts the police made me leave the checkpoint and interfered with a private contract for travel on the airline by refusing passage to the airplane. I informed the people in the airport that the men claiming to be under oath will not uphold their oath to the Constitution but they will act like a gang of NAZI fascists. The Police instantly detained me and attempted to get my ID and I refused. They asked me if I am a US Citizen and I told them that I cannot make that legal determination and they immediately arrested me for Disorderly conduct. They then took me to Mecklenburg County Jail where they men claiming to be deputy sheriffs then took my warm clothes from me and then demanded I answer questions about mental health and criminal background. I refused and demanded to see a judge immediately and informed them that they did not have a valid cause of action to do what they were doing and told them that I would not give up my right to remain silent.

They then proceeded to put me a cell that had cold air piped into the room and proceeded to freeze me into compliance by continually dropping the temperature in the room for hours. I demanded to see a judge immediately and they told me that if I not did not give up my right to remain silent and get a mug shot taken then I would die in that cell. I told them that I knew that they would release my photo and that private websites would publish the mugshot on their website thus causing harm to my privacy and skew the perception of innocence. They knew this would happen and reiterated that I would die there if I refused. After many many hours of freezing and severe uncontrolled shaking from hypothermia setting in and me beginning to get sick I finally gave in telling them that are performing torture which constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. They did not care they simply laughed.

I was finally bailed out by my wife and flew out of charlotte without another request for body scanner or pat down.

When it came for Court Arraignment months later I had fly back to Charlotte from California. In arraignment the baliffs tell everyone that they can only say one of 3 options to the Judge guilt, not guilty, no contest (that is a lie!!!). I appeared specially (special appearance meaning I am challenging the subject matter jursdiction of the court) but the judge told me I cannot do that and told me I would have to come back at a later date and proceeded to plea not guilty for me. I objected and informed the judge that this was a violation by the judge of practicing law from the bench. The judge said they are allowed do that (another lie!!!). I told the judge that I needed the juridictional addressed immediately because setting another court date would further injuire me by requiring to fly again to Charlotte from California. She just smiled and said that juridictional issues will not be addressed. They entered the plea unlawfully and scheduled another date for months later.

I flew back to Charlotte again for what they claimed would be trial. When the performs general roll call the again tell you you only have to options this time. They say you must state "present" or "represented by attorney" another lie! When a name sounding exactly like mine was called I announced "my name is [my name] and I am here by special appearance only" The prosecuting attorney immediately called the arresting "officer" to speak with him privately and after a few minutes of talking the "officer" left the court room. I knew this would happen because I know that they don't have jurisdiction without consent of the governed which they never have. I ran out of the court room to cath up with the "officer" and asked him if the DA in the court made him leave and he told me that yes the made him leave. I explained to him why and how he has completely to understand what his job actually is and then went backi to the court. Then the DA called me to leave the court room and proceeded to tell me3 that he is dismissing the case. I told that this is completely unacceptable and outrage to our process of justice. I also told him that I have a stack of cases of petty issues of seatbelt drivers license and others where they do the same thing everytime and that I am aware of the fraud they are committing against everyone. He didn't want to hear it, gave me dismissal papers and left. I then went to every relevent offrice in Charlotte, Police station, Intneral affairs, Cheif judge, DA's office, magistrate and more demanding the arrest of the men in the jail who threaten to kill me in the jail. Not one bureaucrat would do anything and simply said we are not going to do anything.

I informed them all that they employees of corporation that has overthrown our constitutional government and that they actively committing treason. I informed them that the powers of Justice (just powers) are derived from the consent of the governed and that their constitutional duties as servants to the People are to respond to rrequests from accusers who are members of the governed NOT the government. They are all complete morons and do not care what their job is because the are simply getting paid with paper money they are using violent force to make valuable. They were all like deer in headlights and stood there like mindless zombies with no response. Well, my answer silence is consent. If I assert a fact of such magnitude and they are silent and have no counter fact then they are consenting to the fact standing as true.

My message to patriots. NEVER enter a plea! Appear Specially and challenge based on the fact that government only has the power to implement procedures of justice when a members of the governed accepts liability for their accusation against You under common law. Code dopes not apply to the people it only applies to Citizens which are people who are under the capacity of government. Common Law applies to the people which only consists of two laws; Breach of Duty and Breach of Peace which all other allegations of crimes demonstrated organically under one or both of the two common rules that cover ALL disputes between a plurality of men/women.

I now have library of court audio transcripts that demonstrate that I have been 100% successful against everything they have thrown at me by simply appearing specially. Code applies to the "person" a legal entity that is the merger of the Natural and Artifical Persons. Common Law applies to men and women who stand full liability in the world. Figure it out because once you do you will see exactly how we will prevail and exactly where our final destination is.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...