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Proof that you as an Individual are a "Corporation."

According to these docs all individuals, businesses, the IRS, even countries are designated corporations and then run through the UCC. That IS the secret government.

Google "strawman and stock exchange." All corporations have to be listed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. When you were born and an application was filled out for a birth certificate, you as an individual became a corporate entity. Look at any of your licenses, etc., and your name will be in all capital letters. On your bank checks your name will be in capital letters, and because the account is in the name of a corporate entity, you as John Doe the person (lower case) cannot sign your name EXCEPT as someone authorized by the corporation to do so. So if you look on the signature line it will be slighly fuzzier than the other lines on the check and there will be a small MP which means the line is in "microprint" (you can see samples of this if you google "straw man and stock exchange.) Or you can get a very powerful magnifier. What the microprint says is "authorized signature only."

And you never knew....Try calling your bank tomorrow and see if they will let you print your name in lower case. Not that anyone at that level has a clue either.