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What army of thousands will it take? GOOD QUESTION

Because, as Heather Tucci, the designated Trustee says, it is important to know that right now, with the filing of the documents, that YOU ARE FREE. It is in FULL FORCE and EFFECT. It is CURED, it is DONE. You can actually use the documents to sort any situation in which you currently find yourself (when no harm was done) and this is being tested already.

It is done basically by (respectfully) asking a series of questions which leads your protagonist to the "ah ha" of knowing that the authority is not there to fine you, jail you, foreclose on you, whatever the situation might be. Always you are trying to go back to the authority they have to do what they are doing. She tested it in one county in her state of Washington and before it was over 19 judges had recused themselves!

Remember the couple that said they would be happy to pay their mortgage debt if they could show them who has the title? The case was dismissed, no payments ever again? Think this on a larger scale.

They are working right now on a statement to help individuals test this for themselves. I don't think I would start with the IRS. :) For now it is important to pass this on to all of your blogs, forums and most importantly to realize, to act, to BE as if you are free. By your very statement of "how many will it take?" you can see that we ARE the army of thousands, one by one. There is only one person that needs to be convinced. ME.