Comment: Answer: Private construction companies pave them...

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Answer: Private construction companies pave them...


Governments don't create anything and do not pave roads.
Governments administer projects through a system of force and theft.

Who would administer them without government? Answer:Individuals and communities.

How would we transition away from our current infrastructure? Leave the roads as is. Private companies, individuals, communities will rebuild or maintain the ones that are wanted. (Most aren't being maintained because of broke governments anyways.)

If liberals ask me that question I would ask them if we really need these massive highways and roads to big box stores? We subsidize these big box stores and corporations through creation of these massive highways. Why not have fewer roads and more local businesses? I think liberals will like that answer. (BTW we subsidize corporations through welfare programs and foodstamps too, but I would save that argument to a liberal for a better time because you want to keep them on your side.)

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