Comment: Relax Grasshopper, Alex has the force with him.

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Relax Grasshopper, Alex has the force with him.

I have no doubt that Alex will hold his own and then some. Alex is a self made man. Everything he has, has come to him through sweat and hard work. He puts his life on the line everyday and those who do not see this are in utter bliss.

The reason that Alex has the common man behind him is because he is a common man. He is extremely intelligent, more so than most who like him even realize. If I were guessing, Alex's I.Q. is probably in the high 140's. He has a grasp for details and he is tenacious. He doesn't know what the words "give up" mean and with out a doubt he is the most influential liberty leader in the world.

Anyone who tells you anything different is just plain lying to you. He has my unwavering respect and my financial support. I always donate to his money bombs and as long as I have a dollar in my pocket I will continue to support him every chance I get.

If you have not taken the time to listen to him, you are worse off for it. He brings information that is vital on almost every show I have ever listened to.