Comment: I was going to be derisive, but...

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I was going to be derisive, but...

Abolish IRS and let loose all their political prisoners. That would be good.

A consumption tax makes government the middleman in every transaction. Who will be licensed to collect the taxes?

Will this allow a more treacherous use of the Commerce Clause by bringing all commerce under Federal Jurisdiction.

I may hear it on the News. "Young boy arrested at airport for failing to pay his "Fair Tax". Guilty! cry the masses. Hoo Boy, it's easy to get a conviction.

This will be egregious if implemented on the Federal level.

States originally collected the taxes in gold and silver as established by statue. The Federal government could only accept gold and silver as proscribed by the Constitution.

The people's House was the House of Representatives. The State legislatures had to collect the taxes so they got to pick two Senators.

The people's House wrote the budget. If there needed to be a tax the State government, being greedy of their own need for tax monies informs their Senator, "Read our lips, No new taxes."

Popularly elected Senators are mostly worthless. Politician make promises, Senators took orders.

The selfish needs of individuals, the selfish needs of State legislatures were resolved between the Senate and the House.

Today, the two political Parties resolve these issues and budgets are rubber stamped. The people and the States have no say.

This is a land where money talks and Federal Reserve members make 6% profit tax free after expenses. Members just run huge expense accounts re-electing the "Players" for the national theater.

Free includes debt-free!