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Running under gop was "playing by their rules"

I honestly just don't understand opposition. The medal wont cost taxpayers (according to the petition) and it would really stick in tbe craw of the elite for us to have a successful petition. Besides which, Ron Paul ACTUALLY deserves such a medal, particularly if HIS is privately funded (as opposed to, say, billionsire buffet who took a taxpayer funded one!)

NO one is asking for Federal Funds and no one can honestly believe Ron Paul would think the award actually from the President (if they actually decided to award him). The exposure of an award (or even a successful petition) would raise the profile of the movement and might wakebup a few people. It might certainly remove some of the "kook" arguments.

People have suggested we make a medal for Dr.Paul. Thats a great idea. But do you think that would be covered? Do you think the media would cover that honestly? They didnt cover him when legions showed up gor campaign events, trust me they wont cover a few supporters giving him a chunk of gold regardless of its name.

A Presidential medal, will invite exposure. A refusal of such an award by Dr. Paul would be even more news worthy. The speech Dr. Paul could give at the ceremony alone coukd be epic.

But instead everyone wants to take the route of silence, of pouting and refusing to "play by their rules"; this despite the fact that Dr.Pauls campaign was predicated on the idea of needing to operate within the system, if only a little, in order to spread the message.

Put another way: how much woukd our movement have gained if Dr. Paul tried to run for congress/President as a Libertarian? He tried it and failed. Do any of you think he'd have been able to compete, even in his district???

Dr. Paul understood, it seems, that the perfect would be the enrmy of the good if he'd refused even that slight concession to reality. And thank god he did or none of us would ever have heard of him.