Comment: Dave Champion's Book "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths"

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Dave Champion's Book "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths"

Ill chime in again with my 2 cents on this topic. I scream it from the rooftops... ALL THE INCOME TAX IS, IS JUST AN EXCISE TAX!!!

That's it. It's an excise. And ONLY can be laid as an Excise. The law painfully points this out. It gives you the when, who, how one becomes liable and here's a hint: It's NOT the average guy living and working in the private sector earning his/her own domestic source money! (Albeit the law does this in a very confusing and obfuscating way, INTENTIONALLY!)

Simple. Example: Johnny smith who works for company X claims joey Johnson who wants a job at company X is required to sign a W4 form to get the job. Except that's NOT TRUE and Johnny Smith has NEVER READ ONE WORD of the law to even determine WHO is supposed to use that federal tax form and under what circumstances. Also, Johnny smith has NO idea that the income tax is an excise and doubly has no idea as to what an excise even is! Johnny smith is ONLY doing what he was told to do by the company who he works for and ALSO of which nobody there has actually ever read the law to determine the lawful and proper use of the forms W4 and/or W9. Hence lots and lots of ignorant people doing absolutely insane things like FORCING SOMEONE TO SIGN A W4 OR W9 (depending on the circumstances) UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY NO LESS to make a living and get paid! LAWFULLY!

The income tax is a legitimate tax, and W-4's and W-9's do have a specific purpose for each respective form, but that purpose HAS NOTHING to do with mostly all Americans.

So, since the income tax is an excise, and has NOTHING to do with what im doing anyway, WHY WOULD I WANT in effect, a sales tax???? Odd, odd unless you actually know there is a FRAUD SO GIGANTIC that it practically DWARFS All frauds before it! And that would be the MISAPPLICATION OF THE INCOME TAX! Let me rephrase that, the CRIMINAL misapplication of the income tax upon most people who don't have any clue as to who it actually really applies to because they were TOLD certain things and decided NEVER to verify if those CERTAIN things were ACTUALLY VALID and or TRUE!

all the talk about the income tax being the most sinister tax, yada yada yada, doesn't change the fact of what it is... an EXCISE.

So, if we ALL want to solve the government spending problems. Let's all learn what the income tax is, what it isn't, who it applies to and under what circumstances by reading the actual statutes and regulations and then once most people realize that they have been duped into signing W4's and W9's when in reality those forms, although legitimate for other purposes, had nothing to do with the average American, then we will be able to SOLVE the Federal Reserve issue, the money spending issue and a lot of the Liberty issue all with one stone!

Again, the BEST resource for this would be Dave Champion's book "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths"

I'm thinking about starting a thread dedicated to the topic of what the income tax actually is. Also, as a side note, the ObamaCare bull will be enforced through the Income tax, what a coinkidink!!! Better learn who it actually applies to.

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