Comment: Since there was no central bank (due to Jackson) ...

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Since there was no central bank (due to Jackson) ...

... when Lincoln needed more money for war, he went to the wealthy people (Rothchild types) in New York. You see, the system without a central bank is a REAL monetary system. You need REAL money of some sort to fund things.

But the bankers wanted HUGH interest rates, like 30% (though, without knowing if the USA would win the war against the CSA, is it really so outrageous?).

So, Lincoln just had the US Treasury print up the money and make them "legal tender," which required everyone in the USA to accept them as money.

It was not that Lincoln was philosophically opposed to central banking. It's just that it was not a tool in his arsenal, so he choose a different tool.

He was still a dictatorial bastard.