Comment: None? Is that really true?

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None? Is that really true?

These sites must be wrong then.

List of Famous Deists:
Ethan Allen - American revolutionary and guerrilla leader
Aristotle - ancient Greek philosopher; founder of Aristotelianism
George Berkeley - Anglican bishop; philosopher
Cicero - Platonist; orator
Charles Darwin - nominal Anglican; active Unitarian
Paul Davies - Australian philosopher, physicist
Albert Einstein - Jewish, with Spinozan concept of God
Antony Flew - raised Methodist; was a famous atheist who switched to Deism
Benjamin Franklin - a Founding Father of United States; inventor; diplomat
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - German philosopher and writer
Stephen Hawking - physicist
William Hogarth - influntial British artist and engraver
David Hume - Presbyterian (Church of Scotland); philosopher
Thomas Jefferson - Episcopalian
Immanuel Kant - Lutheran; Pietist; philosopher
Gottfried Leibniz - Lutheran; German philosopher and mathematician
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing - philosopher, writer, art critic
Abraham Lincoln - raised Baptist; later a Christian with distinctive beliefs and no specific denominational affiliation
John Locke - raised as a Puritan (Anglican); later general liberal Protestant Christian
James Madison - 4th U.S. President; Episcopalian
Gouverneur Morris - Episcopalian; led committee that produced U.S. Constitution
Voltaire - Jansenist writer, philosopher
George Washington - Episcopalian; 1st U.S. president
Thomas Paine - Quaker; American revolutionary and writer
Elihu Palmer - former Baptist minister who tried to organize Deism by forming the "Deistical Society of New York"
Mark Twain - Presbyterian author, humorist
Plato - ancient Greek philosopher; Platonist
Alexander Pope - Catholic; poet and satirist
Maximilien Robespierre - leader of French Revolution
Baruch Spinoza - Jewish philosopher
Alfred Lord Tennyson - Anglican writer
Matthew Tindal - English deist philosopher; raised Anglican
John Toland - philosopher of deism, "freethinker"; wrote Christianity not Mysterious; distinguished himself from both atheists and orthodox theologians
Keith R. Wright - founder and first president of the United Deist Church