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Why so negative man?

Chill out, smoke a J or something. Even if it is pointless, WTF you getting so worked up for?

Unlike you, I personally haven't given into some complete doom scenario where 100% of those in the system are there for evil purposes. At best they're just un-awakended individuals trapped in the web. What if enough of Good guys can actually sow their own seeds of Truth here and there.

No one knows where this is all going. none of it. We just have to keep going regardless of any crazy promises like getting billions of dollars.

And for the record, giving away free crap is NOT what got us into this mess. The People who's land became the USA were people one with nature, of sharing, of community, without a monetary system and what DID fuck it up were the people that came over here and saw these people and their culture as EASY TO WIPE OUT rather than to learn from and be inspired. There's no money in that.

People will make change how they see fit and many just like any bit of optimistic outlook no matter how crazy it may sound. You got success stories to share of your own, then share them, motivate people instead of shitting on them. We're all in this together so have a bit of respect. That's basically what this is all about anyway.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin