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In Case You...

...haven't noticed, I could give a rat-fuck about winning elections or anything else that would require a compromise of what I hold sacred.

That, then, is one of the likely large-list of stark differences between you and I.

In addition, if you haven't been able to puzzle it out yet, globalist-collectivist government is NOT going to allow the election process to derail their plans or displace their power, although I applaud your zeal, as misplaced as I believe it to be.

On top of that, this same globalist-collectivist cabal has been utterly successful in dumbing-down the populous to constitutional issues and knowledge, let alone most already not having the underlying principles to begin with.

This adds up to the need to educate, awaken, shock, anger, or whatever else it takes to get you dipshits to pull your heads out of your asses and stand up for something meaningful.

Not gonna happen, but a man has to try while preparing for the inevitable result that you folks will ensure.

In your zeal to try a government-driven fix against an absolutely stacked deck, you seem to have lost the ability to discern certain truths that are staring you in the face. You simply cannot build a structure on top of a pile of steaming, loose shit.

Until and unless people, in large enough numbers, begin to utterly refuse to concede principled ground, all we will end up with in the event of your 'successful elections' is more of the same continuing slide to a hellish certainty of totalitarianism.

It'll just have 'conservative warriors' at the helm or working the engine room or navigating. Same circus, different clowns.

As for me, I will hold right on to my beliefs and keep-on hammering away, illustrating the absurdity of the accepted paradigms, one of them being that of a large segment of the liberty movement (that's where you are)

When those who don't stand on principle, or who don't actually have firmly held principles (if they did, they could not compromise them), get elected or 'become' the new triumphant and victorious junta, then all we will have is a different breed of skunk. That new breed of skunk has already shown that it is willing to do a certain amount of 'whatever it takes' to 'work within the system' and to 'achieve victory' and 'win elections', so the taint is already there and stinkin, right from the get-go.

Nothing is gained except for those who now have 'power'.

The fact that you and those like you cannot grasp this simple basic truth, speaks volumes.

As an aside, I AM rather self-confident and I want to let you know that I appreciate your recognition and highlighting of this positive character trait.

Anything else?