Comment: This post being in positive territory

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This post being in positive territory

is a BLATENT insult to the intelligence of everyone at the DAILY PAUL... you are being LAUGHED AT for UP-VOTING disinformation while DOWN-VOTING TRUTH.

The OP is an ATTORNEY trying to VEIL the TRUTH from you in order to MAINTAIN a MONOPOLY on LAW that is currently being infiltrated by FREE PEOPLE standing up for themselves with no NANNY standing next to them. The OP has a VESTED INTEREST in spreading this MIS-information.

Notice how the OP will NOT DEBATE me - and I CHALLENGE him to a debate right now. Instead he just posted this crap and is now sitting back LAUGHING at his BLATANT LIES beating truth by 60 votes (of course prob 50 of those are BAR trolls).

But you won't debate me... you guys never operate in the SUNLIGHT only in dark dank corners where your FRAUD cannot be EXPOSED.