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I was totally anti-squash till I was out of the nest.. one day I was visiting my folks and starving lol My mom had a dish in the fridge that had possiblities so I nuked it and gave it a try. It was delicious!! It was sliced zuccini with sliced tomatoes layered with cheese and maybe bread crumbs and then baked.. after that I was much more into squash especially sliced and steamed. I like them when they are still on the small side but I will eat pretty much any kind now.

I was one of those kids who for whatever reason was not willing to try new foods and none of my food could touch on my plate etc etc Pretty weird for someone who grew up with the bounty of a huge garden at hand. I wouldn't eat corn on the cob till I was.. probably 15 or so.. When I look back I have to laugh at myself.

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