Comment: Facepalm. will watch and comment as I watch. Managed 27 minutes

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Facepalm. will watch and comment as I watch. Managed 27 minutes

first of all I think it is ridiculous that someone tells us that he wants us to be sovereign then believes in fate (the idea that the stars and planets affect our daily lives is fate). Sovereignty and fate are opposing veiw points but this guy is linking them together, and this is just the first two minutes.

The pilgrems were a group of Christians that found through the study of their Bible that their state church in England was wrong, they seperated from the church of england so that they could live more pure lives according to the Bible, but santos is saying they were not christians but hermetics.

it is at this point I looked up what hermetism is and found this website and I understand it to be a western form of the new age movement.

At this point in the video he reads the book and the first part explains all problems in america as liberals with marxist ideals and religious people with puritian ideals and bashes the religious people, frankly I find our problems far more complicated than that and if you got rid of the public school system then I would say he would have nothing to bash the religious people about. Frankly I have no time to write about how wrong this aurthur is in his first comments about the religious people who apparently bashes him and oppresses him, with their words.

santos then explains the history of his school, and I have no problem until he starts talking about secret wisdom and knowledge that only some have access too and how that is wonderful. Personally I am a baptist and through out the middle ages the cathlic church treated the Bible that way and killed my people for reading it without the preist as the priest were given secret knowledge to understand it. Frankly the dark ages ended when secret knowledge ended, particularly on the Bible (the printing press came out and a lot of people got the Bible in their language and everybody found out the cathlic church was LYING to them about the Bible and they left) secret knowledge is a very bad thing especially in religion.

He list francis bacon as a herminit but francis bacon was a humanist. He list Johannes Kepler as a herminist but kepler was a devout Lutheran. glad to see he can back up his belief's with out right easily seen lies.

Then he says the American founders wanted to create a modern government. I personally disagree, I believe they wanted to make a small government. I know of several instances where people went to the congress who was hammering out these details with the single purpose of telling them they did not want government involvement, particularly on the idea of the state church

after listening to him say over and over again how we are a herminuc country he says that his people where the people who brought in the idea of separation of church and state. He is either very ignorant or a liar, again read it was the baptist that espoused this doctrine and were violently persecuted for it in america even after 1776.

sadly after lying about where separation of church and state comes from he starts an anti religion rant based on the separation of church and state, which I find rather annoying because he is wrong about separation of church in state there for he is wrong about his rather long rant about how the separation of church and state proves how bad all the different churches are.

between 22:30 and 24:15 he has so much wrong about Christian beliefs that it would take literal hours to explain how confused he is.

He then says the founders where clearly hermedist, well let me let wall builders answer this Many were trained as ministers, but at the time of the signing of the Declaration, only a few were active in ministry. For example John Witherspoon was serving as a minister at that time; Robert Treat Paine served as a military chaplain during the Revolution; and Lyman Hall had served as a minister before the Revolution; etc. However, there are many others who should also be noted for their ministry work, including Francis Hopkinson, a church music director and choir leader who edited a famous American hymnbook; Roger Sherman, who wrote the doctrinal creed for his denomination in Connecticut; Benjamin Rush, who started Sunday School in America and founded the country’s first Bible Society; James Wilson, who had been trained as a clergyman in Scotland but became an attorney, teaching students the Biblical basis of civil law; and many others. In fact, at least 29 of the signers had been trained in schools whose primary purpose was the preparation of ministers, including John Adams, Samuel Adams, Carter Braxton, Charles Carroll, William Ellery, Elbridge Gerry, Lyman Hall, John Hancock, Benjamin Harrison, Joseph Hewes, William Hooper, Francis Hopkinson, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Lewis, Philip Livingston, Thomas Lynch, Arthur Middleton, Lewis Morris, Thomas Nelson Jr., William Paca, Robert Treat Paine, Benjamin Rush, James Smith, Richard Stockton, William Williams, James Wilson, John Witherspoon, Oliver Wolcott, and George Wythe. They attended universities and seminaries of learning such as Harvard, Yale, William and Mary, Princeton, Cambridge, and Westminster. this is found at
to reiterate at least 29 of the founders went to school to be part of the ministry. so saying that the majority were theist or whatever this guy calls them is wrong. there were theist without a doubt but they were a minority.

around the 26:30 mark he says that his belief is freedom (considering the secret nature of his beliefs I would disagree) and christianity is slavery. Now at this point I proven he has lied about a lot of what he believes, but now he is openly attacking christianity. Sorry but this guy is at best an infiltrator into the liberty movement at worst he is a blind nut who can not even do basic google searches. Either way any Christian waking up to what the government is doing will be turned off by the load of crap this guy is selling. I am sorry I listened to almost 27 minutes of this guy but I am done now as it is filled with lies, and at best misunderstanding.