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I have been promoting Justin at all of the gun shows, meetings, events, etc. that I attend. Gun shows have thousands of attendees during the course of the weekends each month. Justin is being very well received, his name recognition is growing.

Justin is mentioned by Ron in many Campaign for Liberty mailers that I receive. As Ron Paul has stated, it will take an entire generation to put our country right. I believe that once Ron begins his college speaking tour, Justin will be the one who attracts the youth vote. I know that Rand is in the mix, but I do not see r3VOLution rallies behind him, and he won't attract the reformed democrats, as Ron was able to do. Justin will fit the bill very nicely.

Print and distribute, Justin Amash is on the Horizon :-)

At some point I will revise this, as he has won his second term.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul