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Comment: You know what is so ignorant in this world?

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You know what is so ignorant in this world?

In Ron Paul's world there is no socialist, republican, democrat, etc. He would simply allow people to be free as long as they do not hurt anyone by their actions. This allows people to accumulate wealth or not, and eliminates credit which is the ultimate corruption because it is the mechanism that allows borrowing to live beyond your means. The movie Avatar touched on the concept, but imagine a world where the banksters could not create money out of thin air and hold the entire world slave to debt. What you call socialism would simply be an amazing amount of abundance to feed, clothe and shelter all as a base of society. Anyone that wanted to attain more things and belongings would be welcome to do so, just not at the expense of the rest of their fellow human beings. If you cannot comprehend this, please ask and I will further elaborate.