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Thanks for posting this

I've been thinking about this since I Heard it on cbs radio on my way home Fri night. I think it was Rep. Peter King of Long Island that was being interviewed about the vote. He was whining about how it was an EMERGENCY and that "it is the role of government to protect people." Seriously? The interviewer, I forgot who, seemed shocked that there were 67 Reps who voted against it. Those cold- hearted small-government people! Refusing to spend money and worry about where it will come from later! King actually said that that is what they are supposed to do - add it to next year's budget.
I live about 60 miles north of NYC,and my family prepared for the hurricane. We had plenty of warning. We lost power for only 24 hours, but a lot of people not far away were out for much longer. For the areas south of us that were really devastated, private businesses, schools, churches, scouts, and individuals sent food, clothes first aid, water,and manpower until we were told they had enough, don't send any more. Should we be forced to pay their insurance claims, too? I don't think I'm being heartless when I say that if I could afford to pay that, I'd have my own house on the beach.