Comment: I wonder what would happen if ...

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I wonder what would happen if ...

... you get pulled over by a cop and hand him a paper that basically outlines the following (along with the relevant legal references):

(1) He took an oath to support and defend the Constitution
(2) That any act he takes in violation puts him at legal risk
(3) Article 6 of the Constitution (supreme law)
(4) Right to travel
(5) State cannot convert right to privilege
(6) If state does, it is null and void
(7) If LEO acts under "color of law," he can be liable for 1983 lawsuit -- and what "color of law" means

And a statement, "Officer, I would prefer you just tell me I am free to go and I'll get on with my day and you can get on with yours."

I wonder how many cops would say, "Have a nice day," versus how many would still issue a ticket (assuming a relatively minor infraction, such as speeding or running stop sign, etc.).