Comment: Once they get their new mega-tax

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Once they get their new mega-tax

they will conveniently forget to abolish the income tax. We will be stuck with both. Anyone who acknowledges reality knows this is absolutely what the dregs of our society, A.K.A. the politicians, are hoping to do.

As I recall, the last legislation I saw for the "Fair" Tax didn't do anything to repeal the income tax. Instead, it contained a platitudinous suggestion to go ahead later and do that. Yeah, right, faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle."

In addition, the regulations, loopholes, and bureaucracy a consumption tax will necessarily spawn will look amazingly vast and convoluted, just like the income tax system.

Even if we could trade one disastrous boondoggle for another (as I just explained, we can't trade, we can only add more or abolish what we have) why would we want to do that? Let's end the warfare/welfare state and shrink government back to Constitutional size.

There, problem solved! Simply put me in charge, and I'll fix it!