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Thanks for the translation sorry for my sloppy first pass. I really did not expect write this. It just came out when I saw the article.

For some reason this particular page does not allow me to edit the post??

Please note I was not able to talk to the judge at the "trial" date because the prosecutor walked me out of the courtroom to tell me the dismissal. My comments of the dismissal being unacceptable and an outrage to our process of justice was to the DA not the Judge.

One important point also is that there is no accuser to challenge. Appear specially to challenge the jurisdiction of the court based on the fact that there is no accuser. Because an accuser must be a member of the governed accepting liability for their accusations against you while facing you and the accuser must demonstrate a valid cause of action for the court to have jurisdiction.

It makes no sense for the government to be the accuser because the powers of Justice or just powers are derived from the consent of the governed for the very explicit reason of having a fair trial. If the government is the Plaintiff and the Judge then one can never get a fair trial. The court must be impartial and the government must presume innocence and allow one to face their accuser.

If we pay the government to protect our liberties then one or more of We the People consent to the powers of Justice to be executed by accepting liability for an accusation against another thus initiating the service we poay for. The government can remain impartial if a member of the governed is the accuser because it has no ability to gain a pecuniary advantage when the governed initiate just powers.

We the People are in Control and they serve us. We must put a line in the sand to maintian common law because applying Code regulation to the People does not make any logical sense when thoroughly examined because we end up paying for thugs to do harm to us without anyone's request for their service to intervene. Since each one of us are the only ones harmed when the government claims to be the accuser and the Judge we are the one who has a valid cause of action because they harmed us when we harmed no one. This is why the process of Justice needs aan ccuser from the governed and this is why the Declaration of Independence explicitly states government derive their Just powers from the consent of the governed and why an identified item of tyranny is mock trials. The STATE being the Accuser/Plaintiff and the Judge constitutes a mock trial because it violates a fundamental Maxim of Law that the Judge cannot be an accuser/plaintiff. This is obvious because they can just steal property from us without bounds if they are the accuser and the judge.

Thanks again...

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