Comment: Agreed it is BS

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Agreed it is BS

It is not about whether it is BS or not BS it is clearly BS that has been used to control us and turn us into human resources and mere economic units 24/7. It is about pointing out the BS to people who do not realize the BS that is going on. Once they realize how all of this BS is being applied and used to control them they are better informed on how to deal with it in a more civilized manner than to pick up a gun and start killing people.

I've been in the courts... if you listen to my talkshoe you will hear I've "done battle" with a judge. I take issue with your post because you are trying to take things that are facts (use of words) and playing to (knowing or not) the IGNORANCE of LEGAL JARGON that have kept the masses down for about as long as I can remember anyway.

Mainly it's about presumption... and it's about contracts... written, verbal or otherwise. It's about how BARFLIES practically get away with murder shielded by LIMITED LIABILITY while the man on the street is there looking to be FULLY responsible for his actions.

If that's not bad enough, the STATE can access unlimited resources... personnel etc in order to conduct their terror campaign until you either submit or rebut the presumptions of the sovereign of the court that YOU ARE NOT SOVEREIGN - meaning - your authority is the Creator and you cannot serve two masters.

Who cares if I am a people or a citizen or an American or a person or whatever you want to call me?

What delegated powers do you have to use some artificial BS to assert you have some kind of authority over me?

You have no delegated powers by the people to tell me or any other people how to run their lives, what I can or can not put in my body or any of that BS. Are you a public servant? If you are a public servant why do you think you could EVER have ANY authority over one of the people?