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For the average tv tube

For the average tv tube liberal this video will fly completely over their head.

Even for the weary liberal.. I just can't see this video changing their opinion on issues such as the fed, sound money or the healthcare act. I've explained in 5th grade terms, showed all the videos, jekyll island, proved how manipulating interest rates causing an uneasy environment and had the liberal understanding it all.

It usually doesn't matter though.. there's some sort of willpower missing in those that go to far in a specific political direction. Of course it's hard to generalize as we all receive indoctrination in different ways/amounts. It's like they will admit we are getting screwed on all sides but are fine living without doing anything about it. They also typically hate producing a statement or thought with anything bashing government because they think it's a "Republican" thing..

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson